Who’s There?

"Who's There?" consists of 12 stories about different countries and bright, sometimes funny, facts about their history. You will find out: which city is called «gateway to the Arctic»; the love story of whose king and queen is similar to the fairy tale «Cinderella»; where there is a lake, half salty, half fresh; in which country even ice cream can be with pepper; what city has a carpet that weighs 47 tons? Explore other cultures with "Who's there?"

List of Countries:
1. the United Kingdom
2. New Zealand
3. Mexico
4. Kazakhstan
5. Greece
6. Turkey
7. the United Arab Emirates
8. Norway
9. Senegal
10. Indonesia
11. Ukraine
12. Switzerland

Audience: General (Target 7-14 y.o.)
Number of episodes and runtime: 12 x 7 min
Year: 2018
Language: English, Portuguese (Br), Spanish (Demo), Russian
Quality: HD
Status: Ready

Tag/Жанр: Animation/Анімація

Tag/Жанр: Educational/Пізнавальний

Runtime/Хронометраж: ≤ 7 min/хв

Audience/Аудиторія: Kids/Дитяча (6-12)

Audience/Аудиторія: Teens/Підлітки (12+)

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