Paintings of the World 3. Animated

First two seasons of the popular program Paintings of the world showed us the smallest details of famous paintings. Key feature of the third season is interactivity.

The paintings of Edgar Degas and Pieter Paul Rubens come become alive. The characters are endowed with animated movements so it seems they interact with each other in the real time.

"Paintings of the World" is a new look at the world’s masterpieces.

Audience: General
Number of episodes and runtime: 2 x 7 min or 1 x 13 min
Year: 2016 - 2017
Language: English
Quality: HD
Status: Ready

Tag/Жанр: Filler/Міжпрограми

Tag/Жанр: Art/Мистецтво

Tag/Жанр: Educational/Пізнавальний

Runtime/Хронометраж: ≤ 7 min/хв

Runtime/Хронометраж: 7-15 min/хв

Audience/Аудиторія: General/Загальна

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