Cult Collection

The program "Cult Collections" is a fusion of visual and technical pleasures. There are two sections here: well-known classic cars and military armored vehicles. We chose the most remarkable works and accurately recreated them in minute handmade models. It is worth emphasizing that each model exists only in a single copy. Due to macro-shooting, "Cult Collections" displays all the secrets and details of the models that have become cultic.

Audience: General (Target 12 y.o. +)
Number of episodes and runtime: 50 х 3 min
Year: 2017
Language: Voiceless (50 ep) and with narration in English (5 ep), Russian (50 ep)
Quality: HD
Status: Ready

Tag/Жанр: Military/Військовий

Tag/Жанр: Cars/Авто

Tag/Жанр: Entertainment/Розважальний

Tag/Жанр: Educational/Пізнавальний

Runtime/Хронометраж: ≤ 7 min/хв

Audience/Аудиторія: General/Загальна

Audience/Аудиторія: Teens/Підлітки (12+)

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