Any Day Holiday

«Any Day Holiday» is an animated edutainment program which shows us the journey of five fairytale characters that travel discovering New Year and Christmas celebration traditions all around the world.

Find in each episode a fascinating cultural mix of ancient legends and rituals that have survived to the present day.

List of episodes: Finland, Brazil, Nepal, Mexico, Japan, Italy, Ethiopia, Ireland, Vietnam, Greece, India, Canada, Georgia, Australia, Iceland, Thailand, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Germany, Indonesia, Serbia, China, Spain, Argentina, Israel, Netherlands

Audience: General (Target 12 y.o.+)
Number of episodes and runtime: 26 x 7 min
Year: 2016
Language: English, Ukrainian, Russian
Quality: HD
Status: Ready

Tag/Жанр: Animation/Анімація

Tag/Жанр: Educational/Пізнавальний

Runtime/Хронометраж: 7-15 min/хв

Audience/Аудиторія: Teens/Підлітки (12+)

Audience/Аудиторія: General/Загальна

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