If you have ever asked yourself «How it could be if…» you know what this program is about. Even our smallest decisions can affect our whole life considerably and turn the existing reality upside down.

From the «UnFortuity» you will learn about important discoveries and inventions in the history of humanity: tea bags, stainless steel, champagne, x-rays, cellophane, vaccination, zipper and other.

We are going to answer the question whether they were simple coincidences or not. «UnFortuity» reveals the intriguing stories based on real facts and historical documents.

Audience: Preschool (Target 2-5 y.o.)
Number of episodes and runtime: 52 x 1 min
Year: 2018
Language: Voiceless
Quality: HD
Status: Ready

Tag: Animation

Tag: Adventure​

Tag: Edutainment

Runtime: 30 min ≤

Audience: Preschool (Target 2-5 y.o.)​

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