Fantastic Ukrainians

The more attention is paid to culture, the greater the nation is. 

«Ukrainians are a talented nation that is accustomed to underestimating and belittling their merits. And we have something to be proud of and something to dream about. Over the past few years, significant cultural changes have taken place in our country. You can see important achievements, influential personalities and future vectors of development of cultural industries in the series of films Fantastic Ukrainians», - the authors said in 2020. 

2022: the whole world is now convinced of this.

Fantastic Ukrainians is a series of documentary films about contemporary Ukrainian music, cinema, literature, visual art in Season 1; dance, fashion in Season 2.

Film 1. Music
Alyona alyona, The HARDKISS, ONUKA, DakhaBrakha, Alina Pash, YUKO and others. How the Ukrainian music industry has changed over the last 30 years, where TNMK and Alyona Alyona listened to and found hip-hop, how to become a star in Ukraine today. Details on how the Ukrainian sectors of the popular, rock, hip-hop, electronic and folklore scene are organized.
Film 2. Cinema.
Why do they say that Ukrainian cinema has just learned to walk and went to kindergarten. How a film is made, and why the person responsible for the light is no less important than the director. And also: why comedies collect millions in film distribution, and when Ukraine will receive the first Oscar.
Film 3. Literature
Do you need sex in Ukrainian literature lessons, why will a woman win the Nobel Prize from Ukraine, can you become the second Max Kidruk (or at least the Ukrainian Stephen King), and what is happening in the Ukrainian book industry.
Film 4. Visual art.
About the new wave in Ukrainian art, whether it is possible to become a successful artist and make money on art, how to understand contemporary art, and why it is not as difficult as it seems.
Film 5. Fashion
Bella Hadid, Celine Dion, Kendall Jenner and Dua Lipa  make not the full llist of world-class stars who choose Ukrainian brands from among hundreds or even thousands of others. The founders and designers of popular Ukrainian brands of clothing, footwear and accessories will talk about how they managed to shine in the global fashion market and create fashion collaborations with industry leaders.
Film 6. Dance
First places in international competitions, participation in dance groups of stars of the first magnitude, staging spectacular performances for dance TV shows, which are adored by millions - all this is about modern Ukrainian choreography. For years, Ukrainian dancers and choreographers have transformed the vision of dance in Ukraine and represented the industry far beyond the country.

Audience: General
Number of episodes and runtime: 1 season: 4 x 48-57 min, 2 season: 80-87 min
Year: 2020-2021
Language: Ukrainian with Eng sub (inter. sound available)
Quality: HD, Ultra HD
Status: Ready

Tag/Жанр: Entertainment/Розважальний

Tag/Жанр: Art/Мистецтво

Runtime/Хронометраж: 30 min/хв ≤

Audience/Аудиторія: General/Загальна

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